How To Clean and Remove Tannin Stains from Stone, Tile, Pavers and Concrete


Step by step instructions to safely and effectively clean and remove tannin stains from natural stone, ceramic, porcelain, encaustic and terrazzo tiles, concrete, grout, pavers, bricks and other surfaces.


Active Plus™ is an easy to use, 100% Actives, Super Concentrated, Triple Action Cleaner, Deodoriser & Stain Remover. Ideal for cleaning and removing dirt, grime & most stains e.g. algae, mould, mildew, oil, coffee, tea, leaf & tannin stains etc.

USE: For all natural stone like basalt, bluestone, granite, limestone, marble, quartzite, sandstone, slate,travertine etc plus porcelain tiles, encaustic tiles, terrazzo, concrete, pavers, saltillo, grout and other surfaces.

Ideal for neglected or heavy use areas. For indoor, outdoor, domestic & commercial areas.


100% Actives, Super Concentrated, Biodegradable

Triple Action Cleaner, Deodoriser and Stain Remover

Heavy Duty Cleaner — Cleans Grime and Soiled Areas

Can also be used as a Deep Stain Remover for Most Stains

Helps remove Algae, Coffee, Grime, Leaf Stains, Mould, Moss etc

  • Safe on Natural Stone, Ceramic & Porcelain Tile, Grout & Concrete and more
Made in Australia



  1. Always test first;
  2. Read entire label, SDS & technical bulletin before using;
  3. Wear appropriate skin & eye protection;
  4. Use when surface temperature is between 4°C & 32°C;
  5. Keep away from plants, soil and metals;
  6. Once mixed, do NOT cover or store mixed solution;
  7. Dispose any unused mixed solution after 4 hours by flushing with plenty of clean water into a toilet or drain.


  1. Pre-wet the surface;
  2. Stir in 300gm of Active Plus™ into a plastic bucket witH 10 litres of clean, warm water; (For better results use hot water)
  3. Stir until it dissolves;
  4. Apply solution generously to surface and allow to dwelL for 5-10 minutes;
  5.  DO NOT ALLOW PRODUCT TO DRY ON SURFACE (clean large areas in sections);
  6. Scrub with white nylon pad, broom or brush;
  7. Rinse thoroughly with clean water;
  8. Repeat as necessary.


The degree of success will be determined by factors including but not limited to type of surface, degree of dirt & grime, length of time stain has been in place, & whether the surface stained is sealed or unsealed.

For additional options, please contact the Sealers Plus Technical Services Team via e-mail or +61 2 9521 4000 with information specific to the problem you are addressing.

Important Note

  • These recommendations are intended as general guidelines for Problem Solving.
  • The actual product dilution ratios and cleaning requirements may vary depending on the use, amount and method of application.
  • Read entire Product Label, SDS and Technical Bulletin before using any product.
  • ALWAYS TEST A SMALL AREA to determine the ease of application, dilution, dwell time & desired results.
  • Keep surface clean and dry to reduce possibility of slip-fall accidents.
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