How To Remove Light Grout Haze from Tiles and Stone


To remove light grout haze from natural stone, porcelain or ceramic tiles, encaustic tiles, concrete etc. What is grout haze ? Grout Haze is a powdery residue that is left on the tiles after grouting. This occurs if the clean up isn’t thorough during the installation process. The longer grout haze is allowed to stay on the tiles, the harder it will then become to remove. Grout haze can leave tiles looking dull and dirty and over time can start to catch dirt therefore making the tiles or stone dirty.


HAZE AWAY is a non acidic problem solver formulated to simplify the grout clean up process by helping to prevent grout haze from cement based, latex modified & epoxy grout. Helps prevent latex film from forming on stone & tile surfaces. Can also be used to remove existing grout haze & latex film within 10 days of grouting. USE: For encaustic tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, tessellated tiles, natural stone.


  • Cleans and Helps Inhibit Grout Haze
  • Makes Grout Clean Up Process Easy & Simple
  • Ideal for Cementitious, Latex Modified & Epoxy Grout
  • Helps Remove Existing Light Grout Haze and Latex Film
  • Prevent Grout Haze & Latex Film Forming on Stone & Tile
Made in Australia


  • AquaBug Cleaning Kit
  • Scrub pad or brush
  • Broom
  • Bucket
  • Clean water
  • Cotton towels
  • Wet-dry vac
  • Optional: Scrub machine


  1. Read entire label, SDS & technical bulletin before using;
  2. Wear appropriate skin & eye protection;
  3. Use when surface temperature is between 4°C & 32°C;
  4. Do not allow contact with any non-recommended surface;
  5. May slightly dull some polished calcium based surfaces e.g. marble, limestone, travertine.


  1. Sweep, vacuum, or wipe surface;
  2. Dilute Haze Away as follows with clean water:

    a) LIGHT HAZE: Dilute 1 part Haze Away to 3 parts clean water;
    b) MODERATE HAZE: Dilute 1 part Haze Away to 2 parts clean water;
    c) HEAVY HAZE: Dilute 1 part Haze Away to 1 part clean water or use neat.

  3. Carefully apply solution to surface with a sponge or mop;
  4. Allow minimum dwell time of 10 minutes. Longer dwell time may be required.
  6. Scrub with a white nylon pad or scrub machine;
  7. Remove the dirty solution with a wet vac or mop;
  8. Rinse thoroughly with clean water;
  9. Repeat the process as necessary.

Note: Some areas may require longer dwell time and/or stronger solution.




Note A: Heavy grout haze or grout haze older than 10 days may require the use of OxiTreat+
Note B: Do not use Haze Away on marble, limestone, travertine or on other acid-sensitive tile or stone.
Note C: Use MicroScrub to remove grout haze from polished natural stone & acid sensitive surfaces – see Problem Solver #3.
Note D: For high solids latex modified grouts mixing a dilution of OxiTreat+ and Strip-It may be required. See Problem Solver #4

For additional options, please contact the Sealers Plus Technical Services Team via e-mail or +61 2 9521 4000 with information specific to the problem you are addressing.

Important Note

  • These recommendations are intended as general guidelines for Problem Solving.
  • The actual product dilution ratios and cleaning requirements may vary depending on the use, amount and method of application.
  • Read entire Product Label, SDS and Technical Bulletin before using any product.
  • ALWAYS TEST A SMALL AREA to determine the ease of application, dilution, dwell time & desired results.
  • Keep surface clean and dry to reduce possibility of slip-fall accidents.
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