Stone Restoration

The Aqua-Seal STS™ range of Stone Restoration products is designed to help with the most common surface problems (etch marks, light scratches, traffic wear patterns etc) of calcium based stone like Marble, Limestone, Travertine and Terrazzo.  Ideal for stone floor restoration or for bench tops, table tops and natural stone out door furniture.

Polish Pro

Polish Pro

Polish Pro is a highly effective, easy to use, ready mixed paste to restore, re-polish & maintain worn polished calcium based stone eg: marble, limestone, travertine and cement based terrazzo. It will remove light etch marks,surface scratches, traffic wear patterns and produce an even glossy reflective finish.

Do not hesitate to contact Aqua-Seal STS Technical Service via e-mail or +61 2 9521 4000 with information specific to the situation you are addressing, for additional options.

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