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Rust Away

Non Acidic Rust, Iron, Bore and Metal Oxide Cleaner & Remover

Rust Away - Rust, Iron, Bore and Metal Oxide Cleaner and Remover

RUST AWAY – Non Acidic, Rust, Iron, Bore and Metal Oxide Cleaner and Remover

Rust Away is a new generation, professional grade, rust removal, iron stain removal, bore stain cleaner, and metal oxide stain remover and problem solver. Ideal for acid-sensitive surfaces such as marble, limestone, travertine, bluestone, concrete, pavers, ceramic and porcelain tiles, terrazzo, encaustic tiles and more. Perfect for indoor, outdoor, domestic, and commercial areas like homes, hotels, motels, shopping centres, airports, resorts, restaurants, bars, apartments, aged care, and child care centres in Australia.

Key Features

+ Non Acidic, Non Etching Cleaner

+ Perfect for Acid Sensitive Surfaces

+ Helps Remove Rust, Iron, Bore and Metal Oxide Stains


• 250 ml

• 1 litre

• 4 litre

Rust Away - How To Remove Rust from Natural Stone

Rust Away - How To Remove Rust form Tiles

Problem Solver Options

Stone and tile areas exhibit many specific problems such as efflorescence, grout residue and mineral staining. The Sealers Plus™ range of Problem Solvers is designed to help solve these issues as safely and effectively as possible. There’s simply no other range of problem solvers for stone, tile, concrete & grout as comprehensive as Sealers Plus™

Sealer Options

The Sealers Plus™ range of Sealers are formulated to provide either a Good, Better or Best type of performance based on the needs of the customer. The better the sealer then the better the protection, the longer the reaction time and the longer the life span of the sealer.


The Sealers Plus™ range of accessories are designed to make sealing, cleaning and problem solving applications easier.


The Sealers Plus range of biodegradable Cleaners is formulated to clean & maintain your surface without fear of damage to your tile, stone or sealer. Our range of cleaners is for domestic & commercial use. Safe and effective for your routine daily clean or your periodic heavy duty clean.

Sealers Plus