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Cleaning Pads

AQS Pads

Safe for all Stone and Tile Surface Cleaning

Aqua-Seal Cleaning Pads – safe yet aggressive to help clean textured surfaces plus heavy dirt and grime build up. Use these cleaning pads with any Cleaner or Problem Solver.


Cleaning Pads Replacement cleaning pads for Aqua-Seal Cleaning Kit

Key Features
  • Washable
  • Safe for all surfaces
  • Fits Aqua-Seal Cleaning Kit
Sealer Options

The Aqua-Seal STS™ range of Sealers are formulated to provide either a Good, Better or Best type of performance based on the needs of the customer. The better the sealer then the better the protection, the longer the reaction time and the longer the life span of the sealer.

Maintenance Products

The Aqua-Seal STS™ range of biodegradable Cleaners is formulated to clean & maintain your surface without fear of damage to your tile, stone or sealer. Our range of cleaners is for domestic & commercial use. Safe and effective for your routine daily clean or your periodic heavy duty clean.

Important Information

▶ Due to the nature of different surfaces, you should do several test areas in inconspicuous areas according to the label instructions to determine surface colour stability and desired results. The end user must determine the suitability of the product for their intended use.

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