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OxiTreat HD

Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner

OxiTreat HD™ Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner

OxiTreat HD™ is a fast acting concentrated acid treatment utilising an AQS Heavy Duty formula to remove most cement &grout haze, efflorescence, rust stains, mineral deposits, mortar residue & smears. Will help remove most hard water stains,lime deposits, soap scum and ground in dirt and grime. It will also etch concrete. USE: On ACID RESISTANT surfaces.

Key Features
  • Fast Acting – Concentrated Blend of Acids – No VOC’s
  • Heavy Duty Formula Removes Grime, Pencil Marks & Soap Scum
  • Removes Heavy Grout Haze, Efflorescence, Rust & Mineral Deposits
Available In
1 Litre

1 Litre

4 Litre

4 Litre

Further Information
problem solver options

Stone and tile areas exhibit many specific problems such as efflorescence, grout residue and mineral staining. The Aqua-Seal STS™ range of Problem Solvers is designed to help solve these issues as safely and effectively as possible. There’s simply no other range of problem solvers for stone, tile, concrete & grout as comprehensive as Aqua-Seal STS™.


Heavy Duty Acid Cleaner & Disinfectant


Efflorescence Cleaner & Inhibitor

Active Plus

Oxygenated Cleaner

Grout Release Pro

Pre-Grout Release Agent
Sealer Options

The Aqua-Seal STS™ range of Sealers are formulated to provide either a Good, Better or Best type of performance based on the needs of the customer. The better the sealer then the better the protection, the longer the reaction time and the longer the life span of the sealer.


Premium Aerosol Sealer


Six Sided , Dip & Pre-Sealer

Encaustic Seal Gold

Premium Encaustic Tile Sealer

Aqua-Seal Bronze

Natural Look Sealer (Good)
Important Information

▶ Does NOT remove deep set food, grease & oil stains. Refer to appropriate Aqua-Seal STS product by viewing Stain Removal Guide;
▶ Use MicroScrubTM to remove grout haze from polished natural stone & acid sensitive surfaces

▶ Due to the nature of different surfaces, you should do several test areas in inconspicuous areas according to the label instructions to determine surface colour stability and desired results. The end user must determine the suitability of the product for their intended use.

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